2011-07-13-16 EAD#2 at Innsbruck_complete

EAD | ASG 2011-07-13 | EAD2-Conference at Innsbruck [C1]
Eight universities and the Reiseuni_lab debate the first results of the international master's programme Architektur.Studium.Generale after the first year practice. The Colloquium is an integral part of the research discourse between the professors and students. It serves to develop the research topic of the first Master’s Thesis in 2012, to reflect and establish further activities of the programme’s partner universities, as well as to evaluate for the benefit of the upcoming workshops. BTU Cottbus with University of Innsbruck, Austria.

EAD | ASG EAD2: 5x5=25+5 Works | Exhibition at University of Innsbruck [C1]

EAD | ASG EAD2-Conference | Programme

2011-07-13 | WS5 Final Presentation of A.S.G. Class-01 at Innsbruck [C1]

Workshop 5: Final Presentation at University of Innsbruck with:
Institut für Städtebau und Raumplanung
Maria Schneider | o.Univ.-Prof. DI Arch. Dr., dean of studies, architect and town planner;
Wolfgang Andexlinger | Ass.-Prof. DI Dr.,  architecture and theory (yean, network for research studies); www.staedtebau.at

Horhizon, London:
Tobias Klein, Dietmar Köring

Institute of Experimental Architecture, Studio 3, Innsbruck:

Volker Giencke, Verena Rauch, Walter Prenne
& Guests:
Prof. Ayala Ronel (Tel Aviv University, David Azrieli School of Architecture) 
Prof. Dr. Stéphane Hanrot (École Nationale d’Architecture de Marseille) 

Final-Works 1x1m_Class-01

2011-07-14 | EAD2 Round Table #5 ASG & WS Lectures of Reiseuni_lab

  • Professors of Reiseuni_lab discuss at Round Table #5.
  • Lectures about recent ASG-Workshops.
  • Presentation of new ASG-Partners.


2011-07-15 | EAD2 Design Methods – Reflection 1: 5 Workshops [C1]

After having set up the platform of the European Architecture Dialogue 1 in 11.2010 at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, the research network Reiseuni_lab will meet again to discuss the first experiences of the new master’s programme after one year practice. The discussions about the results form the basis, to establish topics which are to be examined as superordinate issues for the first research oriented Master’s Thesis in 2012.

2011-07-15_EAD2_Reflection-1 - Dialogue

2011-07-15 | EAD2 Design Methods – Reflection 1: 5 Workshops [C1]EAD | ASG
Reiseuni ASG Class 01