2014-05-22/24 | EAD#5 Tallinn 2014

European Architecture Dialogue #5 | Colloquium about Architectural Research and Education at TTÜ Tallinn

EAD-Tallinn 2014
The European university landscape 'after Bologna’ and new professional challenges for architects and urban planners require new concepts in education and research. Since 2008, the Reiseuni_Lab debates virulent architecture and urban topics of ten different cities in South, Central and North East Europe to exchange teaching and research approaches in the tradition of Humboldt's ideas towards university as laboratory for the civil society.

PROGRAMME (short version)

Tallinn University of Technology with Reiseuni_Lab

Colloquium: Lectures, Exhibition & Round Table, ArchitecTours
Preview of the Reiseuni_Report & Discourse

22 May 2014 _ Institute Tõnismägi

5-6 pm: Welcome at TTÜ Institute
6-8: ArchitecTour 1 (Tallinn, 19th-20th century)

23 May 2014 _ Campus Mustamäe

9.30 am: Opening of Lecture Day, TTÜ Campus Library Gallery
10.45 am – 8 pm: 14 Lectures, Professors & Alumnis of Reiseuni_lab

24 May 2014 _ Excursion

9-6 pm Day ArchitecTour 2 (Central Estonia, coast & suburbs Tallinn)

For more than a century, Europe’s architectural culture has been renewed by experimental laboratories and research-oriented practice, by charters of social engagement and visionary projects as means to ameliorate human and urban living spaces. Since 2008, the “Reiseuni_lab” develops and discusses controversial European architectural and urban problems via workshop cooperation and dialogue with local stakeholders for knowledge production and transfer thereof. In the tradition of Humboldt’s ideas of a “university as think tank for civil society”, the lab integrates professors of architecture, urban planning and art from 10 European universities to act as knowledge transfer platform, together with young professionals and students.

During the cooperation from 2010 to 2013, two academic cycles of the international Master’s programme “Architektur.Studium.Generale” [A.S.G.] with altogether 36 postgraduate students from 13 nations have been realized under the roof of the coordinating German university BTU Cottbus. In ten different cities and universities of South, Central and North East Europe, multifaceted teaching and research approaches were realized in 16 workshops. 4 “European Architecture Dialogue” Conferences [E.A.D.] in Cottbus, Innsbruck, Kiel and Berlin have deepened the cooperation.

Joint Master's Programme of European Architecture
Irina Raud, Director of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of TTÜ and cooperation partner in this pioneer project, was the driving force to invite the founder of the Reiseuni_lab Dagmar Jäger as visiting professor, to prepare the next period in Tallinn. The International joint Master's Programme of European Architecture intends to open in 2015 at TTÜ. As initiator of the study programme A.S.G. and the research platform E.A.D. together with her Berlin-based partner Christian Pieper during a first period since 2008, D. Jäger has acted as director of the international Master’s Degree Programme from 2010 to 2012 in Germany.

4 Panels & 14 Lectures
The intention of the colloquium is to reflect experiences of the pilot project as part of the publication “Reiseuni_Report” (prepared for publication in 2014) and to present the next challenges and opportunities of the joint Master programme with members of Reiseuni_lab and colleagues of TTÜ. 14 lectures of professors and young professionals of Estonia, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Israel, Slovenia and Greece will investigate heterogeneous perspectives towards architectural education & research. In 4 panels, the tradition of the artistic travel as source of knowledge, the specific culture of “The European” in architectural education & research, reflections on the first academic cycle and future constellations and goals of the lab will be examined.

Next Cycle
For the start of the next cycle at TTÜ in Tallinn, Irina Raud and Dagmar Jäger invite students & colleagues of TTÜ, architects & interested public of Tallinn to join EAD #5 at Campus Mustamäe for learning from each other in intercultural exchange. The common visit of built key projects of Estonia, with special view to the complex history of the 20th century, will be part of the programme. Professors of the Department of Architecture & Urban Studies will prepare an accompanying exhibition at the Gallery of the Campus Library to introduce the members of the department and to show selected results of the Master students at TTÜ and of the A.S.G. workshops.

PROGRAMME (detailed version)

Thursday 22nd of Mai 2014 

Individual arrival of the guests

5 pm

Welcome Reiseuni_lab 

Department of Architecture & Urban Studies
with Irina Raud, Dagmar Jäger & Colleagues
TTÜ, Arhitektuuri ja Urbanistikainstituut, Tõnismägi 14, Tallinn (City Center)

6 – 8 pm      

ArchitecTour 1 

TLL historical part & 20th century
With Irina Raud & Colleagues

Friday 23rd of Mai 2014 

Exhibition opening Library Glass Gallery

9.30 – 10.15


Andres Keevallik (Rector of Tallinn University of Technology)
Roode Liias (Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering)
Irina Raud (Director of Department of Architecture & Urban Studies)
Dagmar Jäger (Visiting Professor of European Architecture)

14 Lectures at Student Hall

10.45 am

Opening Lecture 

Architectural practice has to deal with complex problems today. The tremendous transformation of the European city requires individuals who are able to perceive things in association, as team-generalists. What are relevant fields today of re-thinking cities within or beyond the limits of growth? How do phenomena such as de-industrialization, touristification or the never-ending urban sprawl affect architect’s profession? And: How do we accumulate architectural knowledge and generate site specific solutions in a socially responsible mindset, together with students, professors and external experts?

Dagmar Jäger
Visiting professor of European Architecture, TTÜ Tallinn & Berlin jp3
Architect’s Research & Education_ Experimental Spaces for Architectural Knowledge

11.30 – 12.30

Panel I. Grand Tour Reloaded: ArchitecTour as Source of Knowledge 

Travels are the traditional cultural experience and source of knowledge of architects' lifelong learning. In Europe, the Grand Tour was established as research tool in the renaissance already. Artists and architects travel to learn from history, from built architecture in-situ, from colleagues in their studios, life & work context, to discover cultural testimonials of foreign countries. In times of globalisation, excursions, international cooperation, summer workshops, interdisciplinary temporary academies & international project teams still characterise a site-specific, locally responsible and globally minded architecture – a “glocal” culture. How do architects today assess the relevance of this culture, after more than 30 years of Erasmus?

Inken Baller 
Professor em. & Architect, (Brandenburg Technical University), Berlin
Comparative History of Architecture
Sebastian Seyfarth
Architect, Berlin (GMP) & Alumnus of A.S.G.
Bildungsreise 1803/2010 – Itinerary Reflection 1803/2010
Jose A. Pavón González & Jose Pena Goméz-Millán
Architects, Sevilla (Bakpak) & Alumni of A.S.G.
Forgetting, Moving, Playing, Bakpak

1.30 – 2.30 pm

Panel II. About “The European” in Architectural Education & Research 

European architecture, art and culture have grown within a dense field of constant flux of knowledge versus nation building over centuries. The differences and affinities take place within permeable boarders, within a European exchange – knowledge transfer of multifaceted qualities, languages, mentalities, ethics and aesthetics. Multi-layered political developments of “young” democracies and historical & geographical differences influence the particularities of the architectural cultures and schools of Europe. What does “the European” mean to architects today?

Rainer W. Ernst
Professor em. (Berlin University of the Arts, Rector of Art Academies of Berlin & Kiel)
Thinking the City – Acting the City – Art in Urban Public Space
Maria Schneider
Prof. of Institute of Urban & Regional Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck
urbanlab – research and study

2.45 – 4 pm

Panel III. Reflections: Sketching Models from A.S.G. Experiences 

What are important architectural and urban problems, we have to face nowadays in Europe? In what way do architectural schools and spirits deal with comparable urban problems differently – within a frame of 8 cities and universities? The observations of young professionals, first alumni of A.S.G., give insights on the qualities and characteristics of the programme and their views towards professional demands today. With regard to site-specific problems, particular approaches for problem solving, education concepts and communication cultures are discussed.

Anne Gross
Architect (GMP) & Alumnus of A.S.G., Berlin
Eduardo Magno
Architect (Huber Staudt Architekten), Berlin, Alumnus of A.S.G.
Studio as Model, as Method of teaching and learning
Kaisa Lasner
Architect (ConArte OÜ), Tallinn, Alumnus of A.S.G.
Synopsis, Reflections and Conclusions
Ioannis Lykouras & Pille Noole
Architects (independent), Patras, Alumni of A.S.G.
Adaptable by Design

4.30 – 6 pm

Panel IV. Reiseuni_Lab Continued: New Constellations and Goals 

TTÜ’s re-opening of architectural education in 2011 is to be understood as part of the national aspirations to reorganize master courses within the framework of the Bologna process. TTÜ re-opened the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies with a Master's programme under the initiative of Irina Raud, who invited renowned architects of Estonia for cooperation. With the planned international joint Master programme for European Architecture, TTÜ strengthens the internationalization of the young nation state Estonia. Its double-degree partner, the Department of Architecture of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, spans an arc over Europe between South West and North East. Goals, first results and the new partners from Israel and Slovenia will be presented.

Irina Raud
Director of Department of Architecture & Urban Studies, TTÜ, Tallinn
Under the Roof of TTÜ: Reiseuni Chapter 2
Ricardo Carvalho
Head of the Department of Architecture of the UAL, Carvalho + Vilhena Architects, Lisbon
Architecture. Public. City
Horacio Schwartz + Lenka Cederbaum 
Professor + Senior Lecturer of Department of Architecture, NB School of Design, Haifa
Three introductory Sketches towards the 2016 Reiseuni Workshop
Maruša Zorec
Professor of Faculty of Architecture, University Ljublana
Ljubljana. The City to Learn from the Past for the Future

6.30 - 7.30 pm

Final Discussion 

Ricardo Carvalho, Irina Raud, Dagmar Jäger will wrap up the threads of the speakers’ inputs and open the floor for questions and comments of all lecturers and the guests.

Moderation: Dagmar Jäger with Anne Gross und Sebastian Seyfarth

Saturday 24th of Mai 2014 

9 am - 6 pm

ArchitecTour 2: Estonian Key Projects 

Visit of Estonia key projects of 20th century, among others TLL’s suburbs, Viljandi (Ugala Theatre), Pärnu with Irina Raud & Colleagues (Bus trip, programme apart)

Reiseuni : Next Step : Tallinn 2015 at TTÜ TUT

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Tallinn University of Technology 

Library Glass Gallery & Student Hall

Ehitajate tee 5 (Street), 19086 Tallinn, Estonia
Trolley Bus Nr. 3 (Mustamäe)

Arhitektuuri ja Urbanistikainstituut

Tõnismägi 14, Tallinn, Room 43-47, 4th floor

Responsible EAD#5

Dagmar Jäger (Lecture Day, Programme)
Irina Raud (Excursions, Exhibition)


Liivi Künnapu, Katrin Vannas
+372 58 54 19 09