2014-05-21 | Reiseuni Report pre-release

Pre-release in May/2014:
>>>Reiseuni Report | Making Of: European Architecture Dialogue 
Reiseuni Report | Making Of European Architecture Dialogue  [CBU] [TLL] [LIS] [WRO] [INN] [SVQ] [TLV] [BER] [MRS] [KEL]Architectural education and the responsibility of the university in Europe need adjustment after the tendency toward specialization and equalization in recent decades and following the Bologna Process agreements. Our plural and democratic ideal of research-integrated education in the tradition of Wilhelm von Humbolt raises both challenges and chances. Important questions have to be answered: How do we generate architectural knowledge and work on site specific solutions in a glocal (global and local) mindset, together with students, professors and experts?
Instead of disregarding the differences, how might we profit from the heterogeneous, rich and plural university landscape and architecture culture of Europe? How can the university’s free space of interdisciplinary research be linked with the real-life and acute problems of cities and their representatives – institutional, political and cultural? And finally, how do we define new aims for a generalist architectural research and interdisciplinary Master’s Degree programme, preparing students for the wide range of international professional requirements and supporting the evolution of independent and socially responsible individuals?

In 2008, these questions were the starting point for a pilot project to develop an international education and research Master’s programme, to be realized in cooperation with universities in Europe and Israel.
In five parts, the Reiseuni_Report offers an online publication, to document and reflect upon the pilot programme of the Reiseuni_Lab.  Since 2010, 10 Universities of Europe experimented the postgraduate two years Master's degree programme Architektur.Studium.Generale. The multifaceted schools and variety of positions lead to a wide diversity of possible answers for the architectural challenges in Europe. The Report concludes with our work experiences, education programmes, results and reflections as contribution to a theoretic discourse about education, practice and a contemporary understanding of the ethics and aesthetics of our profession, which were elaborated in Germany and Portugal, in Spain, France, Austria, Poland, Estonia and in Israel. Within the context of a European discourse, the fruitful and multidisciplinary exchange about the requirements of architectural research today opens minds towards democratic and pluralistic thinking.
[Dagmar Jäger, 02.2014]
>>>Reiseuni Report | Making Of: European Architecture Dialogue