2015-12-18 | EAD#7 Making-of: Architecture – Public Studio-Talk 2015

European Architecture Dialogue | TUT Public Studio-Talk 2015
European Architecture Dialogue | Public Studio-Talk 2015

Making-of: Architecture

Public lectures of the Tallinn University of Technology about positions of architects throughout Europe. The guests present their practice with regard to the design process and their experienced architectural strategies and approaches. Moderation by Dagmar Jäger.
EAD Making-of: Architecture – TUT Public Studio-Talk 2015 Photos
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 Friday 18_December 2015 at 12:00 - 15:30 
Public Final-Presentation 
of the Masters Programme of European Architecture, Reiseuni Class-03 
at TTÜ Roof Studio:
  • 12:00-13:00 Concluding Presentation of proceeding Workshop Results „Design Reflection“, Dagmar Jäger; "Urban Strategies - Reactivation of Rävala Street“, Irina Raud & Ignar Fjuk
  • 13:00-15:30 Workshop-03 Tallinn-Helsinki „Market square - Project Helsinki“, Esa Laaksonen + Emil Urbel + Guests

Szyszkowitz + Kowalski
Competition Hafencity
Hamburg 2012 - Promenade
 Friday 18_December 2015 at 16:00 
Karla Kowalski & Michael Szyszkowitz,
Since 1978 and after an international education and first career between Paris, London, Munich, Frankfurt and Graz, the Austrian office realizes buildings, urban interventions and proposals for future developments in Graz & abroad. More than 150 projects witness important tasks in culture, housing or research programmes, designed as part of transforming existing landscapes or urban substance with special regard to historic layers, resilience or dynamic value towards contemporary living landscapes. Both have been professors at important institutions – at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Stuttgart in Germany – for more than 10 years.

Place: Roof-Studio, Tõnismägi 14, 10119 Tallinn
TTÜ – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
Time: 4 pm

 26_November 2015: 
Ormož Castle, Maruša Zorec
'Layers of Time'

Since 1996, Maruša Zorec is running her own practice in Ljubljana. While being engaged in all scales from interior to urban design, she is specially renown for her modern concepts in transforming historic buildings in Slovenia. Her designs are rooted the 'visible and invisible memory' of the building and its' former life, showing the inherent logic of the spaces while enabling open flow, new views or contemporary programmes. One of her last works has been the rehabilitation of the private house of the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, inserting a monographic museum. As a teacher at the faculty of architecture in Ljubljana University, she runs her own studio and deals topics all around the younger heritage of the 60th and 70th.

 05_November 2015: 
Center forFree-Electron 
Laser Science, Hamburg 
hammeskrause architekten
bda, Stuttgart
'building communication'

Since 2001, the German office hammeskrause architekten is renown for seeking site-specific, analytic based solutions for complex hybrid research programmes, mostly in the field of university buildings or institutional clients like the Fraunhofer Institute. “The way we work is characterized by an intensive, mutual and iterative discours.“ The open studio of Hammeskrause engages actually ca. 50 employees in Stuttgart, Germany working in open teams, studio based. The international office is asked from public and private clients throughout Germany, Europe and abroad.

 15_October 2015: 
Matthias Sauerbruch,
Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin:
The lecture of Matthias Sauerbruch has been cancelled.
External event note:
Wednesday, October 14th, 6pm:
Public Lecture of Prof. Kenneth Frampton at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, presented by the Estonian Academy of Arts, Institute of Art History.  
2015-09-24 EAD Studio-Talk: Aires Mateus edp obra (left photo),
+ rcjv arquitectos, Morgadio da Calcada

 24_September 2015: 
Manuel Aires Mateus,
Lisbon:  'Recent Projects'
Ricardo Carvalho, Lisbon: 'Twin Atlas'
The double lecture of the Portuguese architects Manuel Aires Mateus and Ricardo Carvalho from Lisbon presented a wide range of built projects, dealing with impressive landscapes, cultural heritage and hybrid typologies and programming. The aesthetic language and conceptualizing attitude of both architects has been influenced by the Porto School of Architecture and its most important modern architect, Álvaro Siza Viera. The contextual attitude of the shown projects is rooted in a modern position of critical regionalism, seeking for a synthesis of contemporary functional programmes, re-interpreting traditions and site-specific conditions.

 10_September 2015: 
Günter Barczik, HMGB Architects, Berlin, at 6pm.
'Architectural Design Strategies - Processes & Algorithms'
The lecture series ‚Public Studio-Talk‘ at TTÜ was opened by Günter Barczik from HMGB architects Berlin. He presented strategies for ‚design processes by algorithms‘. 
Paracelsus Spa Salzburg, HMGB architects Berlin
Paracelsus Spa Salzburg,
HMGB Architects Berlin

The specific approach towards parametric typologies has been established with his partner Heike Matcha. HMGB won the competition for the Paracelsius Spa in Salzburg in 2012. Günter Barczik provided an insight into their design practice and into processes of project generation by objectifying research for the best opportunities upon complex conditions. They work in site contexts of Portugal, Austria and Germany.
Since 2011, Günter Barczik is professor at Erfurt school of Architecture.

Roof-Studio, Tõnismägi 14, 10119 Tallinn; TTÜ – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

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