2014/16 Reiseuni_lab | ASG Alumni News [C1,C2]

The alumni of Reiseuni Class-01 and Class-02 successfully started their career in diverse challenging positions (MA ASG, Architektur.Studium.Generale 2010-13 – now: MA European Architecture).
They started working in international architecture offices like GMP Berlin, Hadi Teherani Hamburg, Gerber international, John Pawson London or Mateus-Mateus Lisbon. Moreover, the alumni work as assistant professors in Spain, Estonia or France or decided for phd research.
Diverse office foundations between the alumni in international teams demonstrate excellence in international competitions, second and first prices. Selected news:

2016 | Germany 
BAKPAK architects of Sevilla, José de la Peña Gómez Millán, José M González Chamorro with their colleagues, won the first price in Master Plan Design of Germering in Germany, near Munich. Since its inception in 2012, the Spanish office is successful with further competition results and commissions, beginning with a first price won with the Master’s thesis finalizing the 2-year-study with the Reiseuni_lab, for a industrial site’s transformation - task in South of Spain: http://bakpakarchitects.com/en/news/
2016 | Dhaka
Nabila Aftab, alumni of 2013, won 'AAP Silver in Hospitality Architecture' with the project 'Dusai Resort and Spa' as associated architect at Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd. >>>AAP 2016
2015 | Hamburg
Hamburg excursion, with fifth year students of TTÜ department of Architecture and Urban Design, led to meet the 2013 alumni of Reiseuni_lab, Urbano Jiménez, who introduced us in the work of of Hadi Teherani, studio situated in the Dockland; Urbano started his international career after a successful Master’s thesis in the harbor city.
2015 | China 
BAKPAK won first price in China, Guyang, a mixed use building accommodating a hotel, comercial areas and offices. see more  http://bakpakarchitects.com/en/bakpak-architects-won-1o-prize-in-competition-to-design-a-mixed-use-building-in-guiyang-china/
2015 | Estonia 
Second price again for DAGopen, Jaan Kuusemets, with LÜNK team in the international competition about the transformation of the Narva Linnuse (fortress), Üllar Ambos, Pille Noole, Kaisa Lasner, Jiannis Lykouras, Jaan Kuusemets. Koostöös LÜNK arhitektid OÜ, more http://www.dagopen.ee/konkursitood-2/
2014 | Tallinn 
Alumni win second price for the international competition „Estonian Art Academy, Tallinn“, (Jaan Kuusemets, Üllar Ambos, Pille Noole, Kaisa Lasner, Jiannis Lykouras)   http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=991111&page=18
2014 | Estonia 
Second price for the design of a social center in Kärdla, Estonia, cooperation of two Reiseuni alumni offices, LÜNK and DAGOpen