2016-12-21 | EAD#9 Making-of: Architecture – Public Studio-Talk 2016

 2016-12-21 Wednesday 21_December 2016   at 16:00 
TTÜ Public Lecture with: 
Bakpak-architects, working-models for Rzeszow, poland
Jose De la Peña Gómez-Millán, Jose Antonio Pavón González,
Architects, Sevilla

Lateral Architecture
BAKPAK is a team of architects founded in 2013 by José de la Peña Gómez Millán, José M González Chamorro, Borja Navarro Ibáñez de Aldecoa, José A Pavón González, and Myriam Rego Gómez. Bakpak is a team and a method...  is a way to approach architecture: architecture unfolded. This unfolding is part of the polyhydral understanding of architecture which is not understood as the linear and consecutive resolution of problems, but as a global analysis of every possible conditioning factor. In three years of cooperative life, they won competitions in China, Ecuador, España, Polonia and Germany and their projects have been published international magazines and webs of architecture.
TTÜ Department of Architecture & Urban Design | Roof Studio, Tönismägi 14 

Making-of: Architecture
meets: Art – Space – Choreography
Architects work in collaboration, across disciplines and through experiment. The invited architects and guests of different disciplines reflect about individual experiences – the ”Making of”. 
The lectures investigate positions of architecture, urban design, engineering and arts throughout the European culture of interdisciplinary production of architecture, space, construction and art. This autumn semester, we expect guests from Estonia, Latvia, France, Germany, Finland, Italy and Spain. The evenings will be introduced and moderated by Dagmar Jäger.

 2016-11-22 Tuesday 22_November 2016   at 18:00 
'Hotel Puerta America', Photo: Plasma Studio
Ulla Hell
Architect, Plasma Studio, Bolzano - Sexten, Italy
"The term Plasma comes from Classic Greek and means modeling, form, fabric, imagination, fiction. In Physics the Plasma State- or fourth state of matter- describes a unique condition of matter arising at a complex overlay of external forces. Plasma, a charged field of particles, conducts energy.“ (Plasma Studio)
Ulla Hell studied architecture at Technical Universities of Innsbruck, Eindhoven and Delft and is one of the four partners of Plasma Studio with Eva Castro, Holger Kehne and Chuan Wang, located with offices in Italy and China. The team realizes a large variety of typologies all over Europe like the Dolomitenblick (residential) in Italy or the Hotel Puerto America in Madrid, but also the Creativity Pavilion in China or research oriented Landscape Urbanism Cooperation with Groundlab. Their works are honored with the Wallpaper Design Award a.o.

 2016-11-10 Thursday 10_November 2016   at 18:00 
”Meander” is a sculptural building
with unique views over Taivallahti Bay,
in collaboration with:
Steven Holl and Vesa Nonkonen.
Pentti Kareoja
Architect, Spatial Design, Aalto University Helsinki
Pentti Kareoja is architect from Helsinki and professor of spatial design at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University. The topic of his lecture "Office as the educational environment. Learning by design“ will discuss how to support the staff’s permanent learning process as an integrated quality of design practice, how to implement skill development and knowledge exchange as a productive quality for the office and each member? Since 1995, Pentti is the founder and head of the Bureau of ARK-house Architects Ltd Architect. Previously - chief editor of the leading magazine for architecture Finland Arkkitehti.

 2016-11-01 Tuesday 1_November 2016   at 18:00 
Esa Laaksonen
Architect, Helsinki
Esa Laaksonen is architect and author from Helsinki. During 16 years, Laaksonen was the director of the Alvar Aalto Academy in Helsinki, staging the international Symposium of the Academy, workshops and research activities about the environmental culture particularly modern architecture and product design. He is the editor in chief of ptah, an English-language journal focusing on architecture, design and art and a member of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and the Finnish Critics’ Association (SARV).

TTÜ Public Lecture with: Heike Klussmann, Artist & Researcher, Bau Kunst Erfinden, University Kassel [is postponed to 2017] 

 2016-10-18 Tuesday 18_October 2016   at 18:30 
Photo collage (section):
Pascal Urbain, Stoa
Pascal Urbain
ENSA Marseille, Architect & Urbanist, Studio Stoa, Marseille
Pascal Urbain is a French architect, urban planner and professor at ENSA de Marseille (National School of Architecture of Marseille) and act as State Consulting Architect. His studio Stoa has been created some 25 years ago together with Charles Bové and Thierry Ciccione. They mainly deal with public spaces, urban design tasks and infrastructural design within historical contexts of cities like Grenoble, Nice, Strasbourg or Marseille, to re-value, re-programme and develop public realm. His projects seem, as far as possible, déjà vu… and already there.

 2016-09-29 Thursday 29_September 2016 at 19:00 
Final Presentation Workshop-08 
Class-01 at  Berlin UdK, HZT, Photo: 
Sebastian Seyfarth, Collage: jp3
Rhys Martin
Choreographer, Berlin University of the Arts.
The Australian choreographer Rhys Martin graduated from Sydney University in literature and fine arts in 1975 and began his career in the theatre with Sydney’s pioneering underground One Extra Dance Company. Since 1986, he has worked as freelance producer, director and choreographer of dance, opera, film and theatre, recognized with numerous awards. Currently, he is professor of dance and choreography at the Berlin University of the Arts with a portfolio of over 12 new music theatre productions and founder member of the new Inter University Centre for Dance Berlin, where he leads the internationally acknowledged contemporary Master of Arts in Solo Dance Authorship. Reflections about body, space and movement in the context of public spaces and stages, with professionals, students and pupils will give insights into his artistic research & production.

 2016-09-21 Wednesday 21_September 2016 at 18:30 
Opening of the Exhibition
“9 Conditions of Riga”
(O. Redbergs, TAB 2015)
Oscars Redbergs
Architect & Curator, Riga
“Transformation projects in the Historic Centre of Riga under the patronage of UNESCO since 1997.” The lecture of Oscars Redbergs highlights the emergence of new urban typologies by offering a new classification for buildings and urban intervention projects in Riga realized in last two decades. 
The research of O. Redbergs reflects his teaching and research philosophy according to which, besides the traditional techniques of scientific research, the research process leads to a new kind of instrumental knowledge that could in turn guide us towards desired impacts either on the social or urban dimension of politics.

 2016-09-14 Wednesday 14_September 2016 at 18:30 
DAGOpen + Lünk, Tallinn,
Thin places concept sketch, Foyer
DAGOpen and LÜNK 
are two young international architecture offices based in Tallinn, working side by side on designs of varied scales and characters, from private housing to urban space and from sculpture to institutional buildings. Since 2012, the network studio has won prices in professional competitions like the transformation of the beach area of Pirita or the new design of the headquarters of the European IT-agency located in Tallinn’s coast next to the ancient prison Patarei. The team consists of architects from Estonia and Greece and was formed and tested already in university years.