2016-11-01 Intrepid-Knowledge | 3rd Action Workshop – Tallinn Meeting

Enabling Interdisciplinarity in Urban Studies – Methods and Tools. Experiences from Case Studies
Interdisciplinary Symposium 1st-2nd of November 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn University of Technology, the School of Economics and Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Katrin Paadam with colleagues.
Tuesday, 1 November, 10.00: Key note lecture 1:
Strategies of Knowledge Transfer – Interdisciplinary Dialogues through Research by & Reflection of Design.
Dagmar Jäger, Dr.-Ing. Professor, TTÜ, Programme Director of European Architecture, Reiseuni_lab, Berlin.
TTÜ Library Building, room LIB-524 (fifth floor), Akadeemia tee 1