2018-05-12 | Bauhaus Dessau: Open Studio Haifa

Bauhaus-Haifa Collage, Christian Pieper, jp3
Workshop at Bauhaus Dessau with NB Haifa School of Design and Reiseuni_lab in the frame of Bauhaus Dessau Open Studios – Teaching Models, with Lenka Cederbaum, Dagmar Jäger, Eyal Malka and Claudia Perren.

The topic this year: “Pioneers of the Modern: Transplanted”.
Since 2016, two parts of a workshop trilogy about the “Pioneers of Modernism” has taken place in Dessau to trace the historical, partly destroyed representations and and pioneering concepts related to the Bauhaus period in Dessau from 1925 -1932.

The first results, a public space network, has been connecting multifaceted urban situations as an exhibition pathway to reveal in-situ spaces of modern architecture, designs, performances and concepts of the Bauhaus era in Dessau between the Bauhaus Foundation, the former industrial area of Dessau, the Kornhaus and the new Museum – modern heritage which had been destroyed, neglected or re-habilitated.

The three Workshop titles talk about three working hypotheses: “Pioneers of the Modern: Re-imported”, “Pioneers of the Modern: Revealed”, and now “Pioneers of the Modern: Transplanted” – implicating as well three artistic design strategies which have served to actualize the modern heritage through the prescribed approaches of first re-importing the Masters and Bauhäusler, of second revealing the described traces in city texture of Dessau and of third transplanting the ‘migrated design positions’ of Haifa.

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