2015-11-20 | EAD#6 – Reiseuni_lab at: Women build! Caucasus meets Europe

20.-23. November 2015

Architecture Exhibition and Conference at ‚Zurab Tsereteli MoMa Tbilisi‘, Georgia

80 female architects from eight different countries presented their multifaceted professional work in an exhibition and symposium in Tbilisi during 3 days. Three architecture networks met and discussed their diverse positions about architecture, education and profession:
the young network “Women build Caucasus”, unifying ca. 50 female architects from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia; the Reiseuni_lab, connecting 10 universities and professors of architecture throughout Europe and Israel and “n-ails Berlin”, an interdisciplinary network of female planners and architects of Berlin. 
The symposium in Tbilisi has been dealing the three following topics in posters and panel lectures:
  1. Architects’ work: buildings and positions between Caucasus and Europe; 
  2. Biographical background: education, influences and career paths of several generations; 
  3. Diversity of the European and Caucasian building culture: similarities and difference.
The exhibition documented the architects’ work, their positions and careers and illustrates the architectural contexts and features of the grown European culture between Eastern and Western Europe and Caucasus.
Since 1960, the widely spread compiled contribution of the participating female architects of 8 countries to building culture has become visible over several generations: All professions of the field ranging from the building architect, urban planner and designer to the researcher, teacher and specialist in construction have been represented.
The personal stories enabled to have a deeper look at the architects’ work in the tense atmosphere of different cultural backgrounds. The biographical-dialogic approach of the exhibition gave all participants the opportunity to reflect their own individual experiences within an international discourse:
Each participant has shown her individual work within the context of cultural and political influences and presents additionally with her “biographical background” another female architect who has been an influential personality throughout the architect’s professional career or life.
Tallinn University of Technology has been represented in Tiblisi with 3 professors of architecture and sociology: Dagmar Jäger has been responsible for the concept of the exhibition and conference day, Katrin Paadam has hold the closing address & Irina Raud participates with an exhibition poster. Further participants of Reiseuni_lab: Inken Baller, Berlin; Maria Schneider, Innsbruck; Marusa Zorec, Ljubjana and Mar Loren, Sevilla.
2015-11-20 Women-Build! Caucasus meets Europe.
 Exhibition Opening. Photo: D. Jäger

Friday 20.11.2015

18:00 - 21:00

Exhibition Opening

Location: Zurab Tsereteli MoMa Tbilisi, 27 Rustaveli Avenue
19:00 Opening words
of GIZ (Marita Riedel); official representants of Tiblisi, WBC (Nana Tsomaia), 
Reiseuni_lab (Dagmar Jäger) and n-ails (Larissa Kirchmeier, Claudia Funk)

Saturday 21.11.2015


Location: Zurab Tsereteli MoMa Tbilisi
10:30 - 11:00 Welcome Coffee

11:00 - 13:00
Introduction of the Conference Panels
  • by Dagmar Jäger, Architect, Berlin & Professor of Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Panel 1 “PRACTICE”

“European Architecture Dialogue” – Positions between Caucasus & Europe

Architectural practice has to deal with complex problems today: transformation, densification and re-valuation of urban areas are important actual challenges. What are relevant fields of re-thinking cities within or beyond the limits of growth? How do phenomena such as the never-ending urban sprawl, social integration or the de-industrialization affect architect’s profession? How do we re-activate neglected urban areas or built heritage for next generations? Six positions between Caucasus and Europe serve to discuss our professional challenges and expectations.

Six Positions: 
  • Nino Akhvlediani, Architect, Tiblisi, Georgia
  • Inka Drohn, Architect, Berlin, Germany
  • Zaruhi Mamyan, Architect & Associate Professor, National University of Armenia
  • Marusa Zorec, Architect & Professor University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Yegana Hajiyeva, Architect & Professor, Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction
  • Sevda Dodashova, Architect & Professor, Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction
  • Inken Baller, Architect, Berlin & Professor em. Brandenburg University of Technology

14:30 – 16:30:
2015-11-20. Lecture at Tbilisi, State Academy of Art, Georgia – Programme Director Dagmar Jäger has been invited by Prof. Nana Kutateladze, to introduce the Georgian BA finalists of Architecture  into the Reiseuni, its teaching and research aims at TTÜ.

Panel 2 “Knowledge Production”

Concepts and Models of Architecture Education + Research after Bologna

The large university reform has lead to a multitude of discourses about quality, about new approaches and concepts in all academic disciplines from Western to Eastern parts of Europe and Caucasus. Architectural education and research is traditionally routed in project-oriented studio work about relevant problems of the society. What is the responsibility of the academic world in nowadays’ knowledge production, facing social and financial crisis throughout broader Europe? How do innovative academic models might inspire the professional landscape? And: Which are actual demands of research and education for architects today?

Six Positions: 
  • Nana Kuateladze, Architect & Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia, UIA board member
  • Dagmar Jäger, Architect, Berlin & Professor of Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • Surayya Akxundova, Architect & Professor, Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction
  • Yegana Karimli, Architect & Professor, Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction
  • Mar Loren, Architect & Professor, School of Architecture, Seville University, Spain
  • Maria Schneider, Architect & Professor, University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Architecture

17:00 – 18:30:

Panel 3 “Profession”

Women Build! Female Architects’ Network-Works & Self-Understanding

More than 100 years of academic education have lead to a multifaceted international landscape of women’s contribution to the built environment: Female architects act in all fields of practice and theory today – the discourse landscape about the specific role of female architects has been developed since decades. Even though, statistics about income, leadership quota or living realities of everyday life still manifests a potential of further development. And: The female practice within different political contexts of democratic and former socialistic societies in a broader scale of Eastern and Western Europe as above mentioned represents a younger field of investigation. The exchange between the networks of Caucasus, Berlin and Europe shall enrich this debate.

  • Nino Lagidze, Georgian Technical University
  • N-ails Berlin: Gabi Fink (co-founder, chair) with Shivani Shankar Chakraborty (chair)
  • WBC Caucasus: Nana Tsomaia (chair), with Nino Lagidze (Georgian TU)
  • Reiseuni_lab Europe: Dagmar Jäger (founder) with Maria Schneider (member)
Closing Address: 
  • Katrin Paadam, Professor of Sociology, Tallinn University of Technology;

Sunday, 22.11.2015 

10:00  – 17:00


Location: Tbilisi (meeting point Hotel)
Guided tour to projects of WBC by Members

Partnership Notice:

The project is an initiative of the newly created network “Women build Georgia”, launched in 2014 with the support of the Private Sector Development Programme in the South Caucasus which is implemented by GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Dagmar Jäger (Reiseuni_lab, n-ails), guest of the first symposium in 2014, has developed the concept of the exhibition and symposium in 2015.

Responsible: Network Women build Caucasus, Tiblisi, Georgia
Supporting Institution: GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ)
Concept: Dagmar Jäger (Reiseuni_lab; n-ails Berlin, jp3), Tallinn University of Technology with Christian Pieper, jp3, Berlin
Project Coordination: Irakli Shurgulaia (GIZ), Dagmar Jäger (Reiseuni_lab, n-ails, Berlin), Nana Iashvili (WBC)
Graphic: Nana Iashvili, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia with WBC (prints); Christian Pieper, jp3.de (poster template)
Exhibition: WBC members
Communication: GIZ & Nana Iashvili (WBC), Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia
Organisation: GIZ; WBC
Participants: Members of WBC, N-ails Berlin, Reiseuni_Lab

german cooperation + giz:
Bewerbung zum Genderpreis 2016


Members of WBC:

http://wbc.ge/ (website is under construction)


The Reiseuni_lab is an interdisciplinary architectural research network that has been connecting cities and 10 universities in productive cooperation and exchange between Technical Universities, Schools of fine Art, non-academic Institutions, University Faculties and postgraduate students since 2008. Today, the lab consists of about 40 active members, professors and alumni in 17 countries of Europe, USA and Asia.

Inken Baller, Prof. em. Dipl.Ing. Architect
Function: Till 2007 Chair holder of architectural project, Brandenburg University of Technology
Office: 1967 – 1989 Studio (Architekturbüro) Hinrich und Inken Baller; since 1989 Studio Inken Baller
Memberships: member of Chamber of Architects, Berlin, member of BDA, member of Middle East Cooperation BTU Cottbus, member of Cultural Heritage Centre BTU Cottbus, member of advisory board, IBA Hamburg (chair)
Home: Berlin, Germany  
Field of Work: Sustainable residential and social projects within the existing of urban contexts; consulting in urban design and building in context, supervision of PhD and MA degree, organisation and supervision of academic workshops, participation at conferences, jury member in architectural competitions.

Dagmar Jäger, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Architect
Function: Programme Director of European Architecture, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Architecture & Urban Design
Office: jp3 Architecture & Design, Berlin with Christian Pieper
Memberships: Werkbund, Chamber of Architects, Berlin, n-ails, Reiseuni_lab (founder); Member of Curriculum Committee, TTÜ, MA European Studies
Home: Berlin, Germany, Tallinn, Estonia
Field of Work: Interdisciplinary design methodology & sustainable transformation of young built heritage in the fields of research, teaching, projects, exhibitions, conferences, public talks and books

Mar Loren Méndez, Architect, Dr. BArch. MArch. Ph.D. 
Seville University, MDes, Harvard University 
Function: Full Professor, Department of Architectural History, Theory and Composition, School of Architecture, Seville University
Office: Arqyestudio with Javques Maes 
Memberships: Member of Seville University Board; Director of the Research Group HUM-666 CAPC Contemporary City, Architecture and Heritage; Member of the IUACC Research University Institute of Architecture and Construction Sciences; Member of the Official Board of Architects, Malaga, Spain; Member of Harvard University Alumnae; Member of IASTE University of California at Berkeley; member of Reiseuni_lab
Home: Seville, Spain
Field of Work: Tourism, infrastructure and Littoral transformation; Contemporary urban and architectural heritage; processes of transference in architecture: Spain - America

Katrin Paadam, Sociologist, Dr. (PhD)
Function: Professor of Sociology
Office: Tallinn University of Technology, the Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration
Memberships: Co-coordinator of the CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction), W069 'Residential Studies'; member of the Scientific Advisory Board of AIDAH 'Architectural Inventions for Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcare' at Chalmers University of Technology; Sweden, 2014-2018; member of the European Sociological Association; member of the Estonian Union of Sociologists.
Home: Tallinn, Estonia
Field of Work: Sociological and interdisciplinary urban and residential studies; research on the construction of identities in urban and residential contexts; biographical research (individual residential and professional histories); qualitative methods in urban and residential research; lecturing on urban and residential sociology, sociology, theory of practice, qualitative methods.

Maria Schneider, Univ.-Prof. Arch. DI Dr.
Function: Univ.-Prof. at the Institute of Urban + Regional Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck; Member of the Curricular Committee at the Faculty of Architecture; Member of the Academic Senate at the University of Innsbruck; Member of the programme „European Architecture“.
Home: Innsbruck, Austria
Office:  Office Urbanlab Maria Schneider, Urban Design + Architecture
Memberships: Member of “Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers, Austria”, Member of Supervisory Board „Neue Heimat Tirol“, Member of Advisory Board „Raumordnungsbeirat Tirol“; Member of Curriculum Committee, TTÜ, MA European Studies.
Field of Work: Sustainable development and design of urban and regional structures and landscapes, interdisciplinary projects, architectural projects.

Irina Raud, Univ.-Prof. Architect
Function: Director of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Design, Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Structural Design, Chair of urban design
Home: Tallinn, Estonia
Office:  architectural bureau R-KONSULT; chiefarchitect, owner
Memberships: member of German Art Academy; member of German Academy of Urban Planning; member of Union of Estonian Architects
Field of Work: Sustainable development and design of urban structures and architecture, planning housing estates, cultural or business venues such as Ugala Theater, urban planning projects in Tallinn, with the key goal of “connecting the organic with the urban landscape”.

Marusa Zorec, Architect and Professor
Function: Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University Ljubljana, Slovenia
Home: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Office:  Arrea Architecture Bureau, Marusa Zorec (founder), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Memberships: Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS)
Field of Work: Sustainable heritage projects, cultural heritage research issues, transformation of ruined and abandoned places into modern buildings while respecting the qualities of the existing structure, programme and the natural surroundings

N-ails Berlin:

Founded in 2004 in Berlin, n-ails e.V. today has 28 active members of architecture, planning and landscape architecture. The aim of the network is to support the creative, interdisciplinary and professional exchange and cooperation. The foundation creates a platform for political involvement & exhibitions. In Germany, female architecture foundations are organized each in the federal countries, but in exchange via round table and symposia since a couple of years, aiming to unite.

Hille Bekic, Dipl.Ing. Architect
Office: S3A Architektur with Stine Kolbert
Memberships: Delegate assembly Chamber of Architects, Berlin, Board of n-ails (co-founder)
Home: Berlin, Germany
Field of Work: residential and educational buildings, private clients, joint building ventures

Inka Drohn, Dipl.Ing. Arch. Bauassessorin
Office:  archid, architecture, project development + building management
Memberships: member of Chamber of Architects, Berlin, member of n-ails, member of NBBA (Netzwerk Berliner Baugruppen-Architekten), supervisory committee der EGTeG (Entwicklungs-Genossenschaft Tempelhofer Feld), advisory board of Experimentdays, founding member & chair member of NIWo e.V. (Netzwerk Integriertes Wohnen) as well as founder and boardmember of some more charitable organisations
Home: Berlin, Germany  (husband from Tianeti/Georgia)
Field of Work: project development, f(o)unding and architectural realisation for socially, economically and environmentally oriented residential and community projects
Gabriele Fink, Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Office: Gabriele Fink. Architektur
Memberships: delegate assembly Chamber of Architects, Berlin, board of n-ails
Home: Berlin, Germany
Field of Work: cultural, social and residential buildings, cultural heritage preservation, building with public funds, book-illustration

Claudia Funk, Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Employee project management
Office: Tectareal Asset Services GmbH, former HOCHTIEF Property Management, 
Memberships: n-ails, B-EN, ski – stadtkultur international, E.F.E.U.
Home: Berlin, Germany
Field of work: Asset services for office buildings, cultural heritage preservation, social and residential buildings

Larissa Kirchmeier, Dipl.-Ing. 
Architect and Colour Designer
Work: employed as an architect for a private hospital corporation
Memberships: n-ails
Home: Berlin, Germany
Specialisations: conservation, redevelopment, private apartment blocks, healthcare buildings, colour design for facades and interior spaces

Margit Renatus, Dipl. Ing. Architect, Master of Art
Office: Blaufisch Architekten
Memberships: AK - delegate assembly Chamber of Architects, Berlin; BDA, Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA); n.-ails
Home: Berlin, Germany
Field of Work: project development and architectural realisation of residential and educational buildings

Shivani Shankar Chakraborty, MSc ETH, Architect
Office: Remise 6 Architektinnen
Memberships: n-ails, Berlin
Home: Berlin, Germany and Switzerland
Field of Work: building within the existing, wood architecture

Bettina Vismann, Dipl. Ing. Architect 
Studio: BV
Memberships: member of Chamber of Architects, Berlin, n-ails
Field of work: artistic research and teaching (spacestrategies)