2017-03-01 | Reiseuni Report – Making of: Vol:I, III, IV.

Reiseuni Report | Report – Making of: European Architecture Dialogue – eBook
>>>Report.Reiseuni.eu (eBook) Cover
How do we define new aims for a generalist architectural research and study programme? To generate design knowledge and site-specific solutions in a glocal mind-set? And instead of disregarding cultural differences, how might we profit from the rich and diverse university landscape of Europe?

More than 40 authors from three generations and 14 universities offer an open-access online publication in four volumes about the cooperative Master's Programme and European Architecture Dialogue which includes insights from theory and practice.

2017-04-19 | WS06 starts at Bauhaus Dessau [C4]

From Haifa to Bauhaus Dessau

The international, postgraduate students of the Reiseuni_lab [Class-04, 2016-2018] arrive from Haifa, NB School of Architecture and Design (Workshop 05) to Bauhaus Dessau (Workshop 06) to investigate spatial, urban concepts in the context of the visible and intangible modern heritage of Dessau. The tracing of the historical, partly destroyed representations and related sites of the Bauhaus period until 1933 will be connected in a “Public Space Exhibition” to bridge the modern architecture of the city.

>>>WS-Programme WS06 at Bauhaus Dessau

>>>WS-Programme WS05 at NB Haifa School of Design

2017-03-15 | Application for the International Master's Programme: European Architecture at TTÜ

2017-02-02 Collage Design-Reflection with: Diagram of Mattia-Tempesta
The international Master’s Programme at TTÜ and the accompanying transfer platform European Architecture Dialogue are the dual foundations of the Reiseuni.lab’ s activities, initiated 2008.
The application period for the 5th class – academic year 2017-19 started.
>>>more Information about the Programme...

2016-12-21 | EAD#9 Making-of: Architecture – TTÜ Public Studio-Talk 2016

 2016-12-21 Wednesday 21_December 2016   at 16:00 
TTÜ Public Lecture with: 
Bakpak-architects, working-models for Rzeszow, poland
Jose De la Peña Gómez-Millán, Jose Antonio Pavón González,
Architects, Sevilla

Lateral Architecture
BAKPAK is a team of architects founded in 2013 by José de la Peña Gómez Millán, José M González Chamorro, Borja Navarro Ibáñez de Aldecoa, José A Pavón González, and Myriam Rego Gómez. Bakpak is a team and a method...  is a way to approach architecture: architecture unfolded. This unfolding is part of the polyhydral understanding of architecture which is not understood as the linear and consecutive resolution of problems, but as a global analysis of every possible conditioning factor. In three years of cooperative life, they won competitions in China, Ecuador, España, Polonia and Germany and their projects have been published international magazines and webs of architecture.

2016-12-15 EAD-11 Lisbon | WS10 Design Reflection-2

European Architecture Dialogue #11 Lisbon | 2016
Design-Reflection-2 | Knowledge-
Diagram, Solange DiRocca, Class-03

Design Reflection-2

Four partner universities and institutions from Tallinn, Haifa, Dessau and Lisbon debate the research results of the international master programme of European Architecture together with students and alumni.

The Master’s Programme

is a unique approach to international architectural education. It combines the idea of the classic educational journey abroad with the intensive, interdisciplinary and project-oriented workshop tradition. The training is structured around a series of eight project workshops on topics that elaborate and reflect architectural knowledge across greater Europe. Between September 2015 and December 2016, 9 workshops took place at the partner universities of Tallinn University of Technology (responsible), Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, Haifa NB School of Design, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Innsbruck University and Lisbon Faculty of Architecture (double degree partner) with the 3rd class of the Reiseuni_lab.

2016-11-24 EAD#10 Riga | European Architecture Dialogue About Difficult Built Heritage

Berlin Wall Memorial, Class-03,
Photo: Christian Pieper
Interdisciplinary German-Baltic Symposium on strategies of transforming existing and neglected buildings, ensembles or urban environments of the younger history.
Riga, 24.-25.11.2016
Tradition, convention and memory continue through artistic translation, nevertheless and critically ‚transformed’ by the perspective of the viewer. “As if not any insight would set the frozen things in motion, thus becoming aware of the history in them.” (Theodor W. Adorno, Negative Dialektik. 1966). Experts of architecture, sociology, art history, communication theory, politics and urban design will discuss experiences and contemporary concepts about young or political built heritage of the 19th and 20th century as part of an interdisciplinary European Dialogue. In continuation of the first colloquium in Tallinn in May 2016, the topic will be discussed in a Baltic frame with experts of Estonia, Latvia and Germany. >>>Event on Facebook

2016-11-01 Intrepid-Knowledge | 3rd Action Workshop at TTÜ – Tallinn Meeting

Enabling Interdisciplinarity in Urban Studies – Methods and Tools. Experiences from Case Studies
Interdisciplinary Symposium 1st-2nd of November 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn University of Technology, the School of Economics and Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Katrin Paadam with colleagues.
Tuesday, 1 November, 10.00: Key note lecture 1:
Strategies of Knowledge Transfer – Interdisciplinary Dialogues through Research by & Reflection of Design.
Dagmar Jäger, Dr.-Ing. Professor, TTÜ, Programme Director of European Architecture, Reiseuni_lab, Berlin.
TTÜ Library Building, room LIB-524 (fifth floor), Akadeemia tee 1

2016-06-16 WS07 [C3] Innsbruck, Austria | Auf Reisen zum Master...

2016-06-16 WS07 Innsbruck
 – About the Workshop

city lab

design studio M1 ss2016
together with the reiseuni students
urban + regional design
faculty of architecture
university of Innsbruck

2016-05-03 Excursus | Symposium: Construction of Memory – Difficult Built Heritage in Tallinn

Linnahall Tallinn, Photo: Dagmar Jäger 2014
Evening Symposium "Construction of Memory" about difficult, built heritage in Tallinn. Dagmar Jäger debates about different European conceptions of transformation with Endrik Mänd (Town Architect Tallinn), Maroš Krivy (Urban Research) and Katrin Padaam (Sociologist) in the frame of the German Spring in Tallinn (by DAAD, Auswärtiges Amt).

2016-02-29 | EAD#8 – Reiseuni_lab at Ljubljana

WS04 - Final Presentation,
Photos: Tadej Bolta + Dagmar Jäger
During 4 days, the Reiseuni_lab members have been meeting with professors and deans of Slovenia, Israel, Austria, Estonia and Germany. The „vertical studios" of Maruša Zorec in the department of architecture of the University of Ljubljana have been the place to discuss the results of the 4th workshop of the running year dealing inner urban densification concepts. The meeting was due to exchange positions and future aims for the next academic year 2016-18, to coordinate the cooperation as also to study the architecture of Jože Plečnik and the work of M. Zorec.

2015-12-18 | EAD#7 Making-of: Architecture – TTÜ Public Studio-Talk 2015

European Architecture Dialogue | TUT Public Studio-Talk 2015
European Architecture Dialogue | TTÜ Public Studio-Talk 2015

Making-of: Architecture

Public lectures of the Tallinn University of Technology about positions of architects throughout Europe. The guests present their practice with regard to the design process and their experienced architectural strategies and approaches. Moderation by Dagmar Jäger.
EAD Making-of: Architecture – TUT Public Studio-Talk 2015 Photos
>>>EAD Public Studio-Talk Photos

2014/16 Reiseuni_lab | ASG Alumni News [C1,C2]

The alumni of Reiseuni Class-01 and Class-02 successfully started their career in diverse challenging positions (MA ASG, Architektur.Studium.Generale 2010-13 – now: MA European Architecture).
They started working in international architecture offices like GMP Berlin, Hadi Teherani Hamburg, Gerber international, John Pawson London or Mateus-Mateus Lisbon. Moreover, the alumni work as assistant professors in Spain, Estonia or France or decided for phd research.
Diverse office foundations between the alumni in international teams demonstrate excellence in international competitions, second and first prices. Selected news:

2015-11-20 | EAD#6 – Reiseuni_lab at: Women build! Caucasus meets Europe

20.-23. November 2015

Architecture Exhibition and Conference at ‚Zurab Tsereteli MoMa Tbilisi‘, Georgia

80 female architects from eight different countries presented their multifaceted professional work in an exhibition and symposium in Tbilisi during 3 days. Three architecture networks met and discussed their diverse positions about architecture, education and profession:

2015-09-01 Day One | Workshop 1: Design Reflection-1 [Class-03]

Master's Programme 'European Architecture': Class-03 started the first workshop 'Design Reflection' at the Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ).
2015-09-09 WS1 TLL | Nearly Day-One, Class-03
>>>Programme WS1 [C3]

2015-07-07 | Curriculum - Study Schedule for TTÜ European Architecture

The Study Schedule informs about the workshop lecturers, the different places of studies and the key topics during the cycle of the two-years-studies between 2015-2017. The first location will be Tallinn / Estonia, onsite work in the new roof studios of the historic building ensemble in the TTÜ department at Tönismägi.

2015-06-23 | European Architecture & Reiseuni_lab Scholarships

Scholarships by TUT with Reiseuni_lab

The Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of TUT together with the Reiseuni_lab provides 7 scholarships for students of the Masters programme of European Architecture. The 2-year „European Architecture Scholarship“ is available for selected students of Portugal and Estonia; the „Reiseuni_lab Scholarship“ is available once a year for registered international students of TUT from all other countries.
Application will be accepted with registration only & should be sent to: dagmar.jaeger@ttu.ee

2014-12-11 | New International Master's Programme: European Architecture at TTÜ

>>>Current Program Information

11_Workshops at 6 Universities
+ 1 Master’s Thesis [2015]

The two-year training is structured around a series of 8 project workshops + 3 reflective workshops at 6 different higher education institutions: Urban planning as well as architectural and artistic issues – open questions virulent to the cities & regions of the participating universities – will be examined at all scales; multi-dimensional planning processes, design and communication strategies constitute integral parts of a democratic culture of building to transform existing buildings and urban quarters with regard to ecological sustainability. Problems will be resolved in the context of cultural heritage and pre-existing structures.

2014-05-25 | EAD#5 at Tallinn – European Knowledge Transfer [postscript]

[BER] [CBU] [GPA] [HFA] [INN] [KEL] [LIS] [LJU] [SVQ]  [TLL]
The fifth European Architecture Dialogue in Tallinn, Estonia supported successfully the future cooperation goals of the Reiseuni_lab with TTÜ. The Colloquium at Tallinn University of Technology was initiated by the inviting Professors Dagmar Jäger & Irina Raud, in order to reflect the preparation of the joint master programme of European Architecture at TTÜ with new and experienced members in the context of previous cooperation – the master study programme A.S.G., workshops, conferences, research and exhibition activities of the professors and young professionals between 2010 to 2013. The results of the colloquium will be part of the Reiseuni-Report – release date: early 2015.

>>>EAD#5-Booklet with: 

  • Programme, 
  • Introduction, 
  • Participants: Curriculums + Abstracts, 
  • Joint Master's Programme, 
  • Reiseuni_lab
EAD#5 at Tallinn
2014-05-23 EAD#5 at Tallinn | Lecturers

2014-05-22/24 | EAD#5 Tallinn 2014

European Architecture Dialogue #5 | Colloquium about Architectural Research and Education at TTÜ Tallinn

EAD-Tallinn 2014The European university landscape 'after Bologna’ and new professional challenges for architects and urban planners require new concepts in education and research. Since 2008, the Reiseuni_Lab debates virulent architecture and urban topics of ten different cities in South, Central and North East Europe to exchange teaching and research approaches in the tradition of Humboldt's ideas towards university as laboratory for the civil society.

2014-05-21 | Reiseuni Report pre-release

Pre-release in May/2014:
>>>Reiseuni Report | Making Of: European Architecture Dialogue 
Reiseuni Report | Making Of European Architecture Dialogue  [CBU] [TLL] [LIS] [WRO] [INN] [SVQ] [TLV] [BER] [MRS] [KEL]Architectural education and the responsibility of the university in Europe need adjustment after the tendency toward specialization and equalization in recent decades and following the Bologna Process agreements. Our plural and democratic ideal of research-integrated education in the tradition of Wilhelm von Humbolt raises both challenges and chances. Important questions have to be answered: How do we generate architectural knowledge and work on site specific solutions in a glocal (global and local) mindset, together with students, professors and experts?